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Peak 2016:

Trump claims millions voted illegally.
1 week later, Trump's lawyers cite evidence showing the opposite. https://t.co/RkHZG8XyFB
Peak 2016: Trump claims millions voted illegally. 1 week later, Trump's lawyers cite evidence showing the opposite. https://t.co/RkHZG8XyFB - 23 hours ago
The opposite of Durant and Westbrook is ... https://t.co/yWZUZf0vAo - 14 hours ago
Yes, Harry Reid's Deputy Chief of Staff has already said that the New York Times ignored his intel and wrote the op… https://t.co/B4WVK29KcS - 2 hours ago
"If civilization has an opposite, it is war." p109 - 36 seconds ago
@BurntTopato @WilburZebediah5 he didn't even read the tweet, it's saying the complete opposite - 39 seconds ago
RT @Madan_Chikna: .@PreetiSMenon opposition means from Opposite country right in this Barkha Dutt case? - 40 seconds ago
RT @4realitsHarley: People literally treat me the exact opposite of how they said they would, if your actions don't match your words BUH BY… - 42 seconds ago
RT @_MoCowBell_: @KB_alpha1 @Jeff257 @GhostGun556 @Jas0n_T @amarbajwa7 , Yup. Opposite Day everyday!😂 - 43 seconds ago
(2/2) ... department is trying to achieve and the forward progress and let's pick the #POLAR #OPPOSITE OF that! Yes… https://t.co/5eWtZk8B30 - 44 seconds ago
@HopeHolman I attract the opposite lol - 46 seconds ago
RT @AVFCOfficial: 🎥🦁️⚽️ Press Conference: Steve Bruce gives his views on opposite number, Warren Joyce, ahead of #AVLWIG. https://t.co/Aph… - 46 seconds ago
"Science" sucks. Oh look our research shows this! Oh wait no, its the opposite. Oh wait, just in A and B circumstances. Umm... inconclusive. - 47 seconds ago
Why is there some girl sat opposite me on my bus clearly judging me!! Like gurl I ain't judging you on you're lack of eyebrow skills 💁🏽💁🏽 - 50 seconds ago
RT @MCFCworld: Leicester were abysmal today & yet @BBCMOTD find positives in United's performance. If that was us it would be the opposite.… - 1 minute ago
RT @KaitlynShafter: fuck boys are like opposite sour patch kids. sweet. sour. gone - 1 minute ago
@_AlexHirsch I feel that too many people sterotype russians as hackers who are out to hurt us when many of them are the comeplety opposite - 1 minute ago
@JasonBourne1986 typical city, they do the exact opposite of what u expect😄 - 1 minute ago
Pushing someone constantly continuously no stop is one technique of mind bending. Opposite of instinct told to do. - 1 minute ago
The opposite of war is not peace, it's creation.... #JonathanLarson #quotation https://t.co/yAaJuHMJoo - 1 minute ago
RT @MCFCworld: Leicester were abysmal today & yet @BBCMOTD find positives in United's performance. If that was us it would be the opposite.… - 1 minute ago
Both home team who played their @premierleague match today has score 3 goals against their opposite. Wish @LFC will do the same & get 3 pts - 1 minute ago
Norwegian resort village opposite town of #Kilpisjarvi in Lapland... #kilpisjarvi https://t.co/NmeiNKRdpy - 1 minute ago
RT @fouseyTUBE: look at my last tweet. and i know i say I always do the opposite of what you tell me to do, but this time i'll listen. <3 - 1 minute ago
Referees letting them play physical, just one team taking advantage of it. Bleacher officials from opposite team not happy about it. - 1 minute ago
when i explain to people my emotions and thoughts, they swear they'll understand and not make a big deal out of it, but the opposite occurs - 1 minute ago
@rsrchboy @rjbs Take Tim Tam. Bite off two opposite corners. Use it as a straw briefly in some hot tea. The chocolatey insides melt. Eat it. - 1 minute ago
@MythriOfficial we'll gladly appreciate it if you could sign Hansika opposite RamCharan in his next film 😭🙏🏼❣️ - 1 minute ago
RT @hail_robinson: such a shitty feeling when you think something is going good for you and then all of a sudden it's the opposite - 1 minute ago
I Swear i would make a whole perspective on how somebody would act and they act the whole opposite of what I think the will . - 1 minute ago
when we won 10 straight we scored mostly counter attacking goals and not so possession based now we are just the opposite - 2 minutes ago
My year is quite the opposite 👌🏼 https://t.co/0e0ObFBlZK - 2 minutes ago
I never saw him come off, but Anthony Washington is out. Zy Mosley playing the other corner opposite Jordan Brown. - 2 minutes ago
RT @BerneStober: @mtracey this needs to be out in the public domain;there is NO national security reason to keep CIA's finding secret,in fa… - 2 minutes ago
RT @PharaohLaith: I dislike seeing celebrities documenting their kindness. They should do the opposite. Keep that low key. Keep it genuine.… - 2 minutes ago
@Chantal__AF that's the opposite of how you attract a husband - 2 minutes ago
We do need anti propaganda but "government training" might be the opposite of checks and balances. https://t.co/J3zaEtvJAZ - 2 minutes ago
RT @claresiobhan: So we sat opposite C-3PO our whole flight!! 😱😱 https://t.co/D3g9Rr92kx
RT @claresiobhan: So we sat opposite C-3PO our whole flight!! 😱😱 https://t.co/D3g9Rr92kx - 2 minutes ago
"Opposite of sad?" "KWANZAA!!!" - 2 minutes ago
@HRC All of #dumptrump 's picks. One is more fucked up than the next. It's almost like he said "Who's the polar opp… https://t.co/hflcLUOSpQ - 2 minutes ago
RT @theLemniscat: 9 Dec 2016 @EvaKBartlett: What you hear in the corporate media, BBC, Guardian, NYT etc, on Aleppo is the opposite of real… - 2 minutes ago
@mr_wrightaway exact opposite for me mate :( - 2 minutes ago
RT @aleyakassam: Guys. Do not buy fuel from the Shell on Limuru Road opposite Village Market. It completely messed my car up. Was clearly a… - 2 minutes ago
@Stretchafry @jeremycorbyn But they were not defined racially or genetically but culturally and linguistically. Opposite of ethnonationalism - 2 minutes ago
RT @Madan_Chikna: .@PreetiSMenon opposition means from Opposite country right in this Barkha Dutt case? - 2 minutes ago
don't understand how people can lie & tell someone something & do the complete opposite. i just don't get it. - 2 minutes ago
Weininger’s position was the polar opposite to feminism. https://t.co/Y1qZD3371O - 2 minutes ago
Gretzky, Bettman take opposite views on NHL's Olympic participation https://t.co/mQWcoBlOFu - 3 minutes ago
RT @PsychesJourney: The opposite of a truth is a lie. The opposite of a profound truth is another profound truth. ~quantum physicist Niels… - 3 minutes ago
Never trust a person who does the opposite of your great advice. They have an issue with you most likely, but... https://t.co/yZP3ptyhmN - 3 minutes ago
@bfraser747 @JudgeJeanine @mikandynothem @CarmineZozzora @healthandcents The exact opposite. Trump always has been a crook - 3 minutes ago


ELI5: In nature, why is there no opposite to “disease”, for example, a kind of virus or pathogen (but the opposite) that mentally or physically enhances our abilities? - 10 months ago


What is a non-sexual thing you like watching a member of the opposite sex do? - 1 year ago


What opinion about fitness do you have that would be unpopular here or is completely opposite to fitit's general advice? - 1 year ago


What name do you really like of the opposite sex? - 1 year ago


Amazed that no science fiction book has been written based on the outcome of somehow finding definitive proof that there are no aliens - it would be just as shattering as the opposite. - 1 year ago


What is one thing about the opposite gender that boggles your mind? - 4 years ago


What movie would be completely different if the protagonist was of the opposite sex? - 2 years ago


Big corporations claim they need tax breaks to "create more jobs". Why doesn't our government just give breaks to companies who actually hire and retain more employees and none to those who do the opposite? - 5 years ago


Why do Miss Fortune's abilities scale with the opposite kind of damage? - 1 year ago


If Draven can catch opposite's Draven axes... - 3 years ago


What do you get tired of hearing from the opposite gender? - 3 years ago


Hey, idiot Trumpeters on r/all spouting bullshit about the latest DNC email hack - that 'pay to play' thing you keep blowing out of proportion? It means the exact opposite of what you think it does. - 3 months ago


Enough with the turn offs. Reddit what are some of the things the opposite sex does that are huge turn ons? - 4 years ago


Opposite of crisp - 9 months ago


We've overloaded Crime.net - we can do the opposite. Let your voice be heard. - 1 year ago


In order for two things to be truly opposite, they must have at least one thing in common. - 1 year ago


Do you ever find that some people of the opposite sex look better clothed, after they take it off? - 2 years ago


So why exactly do winners get penalized for the opposite team leaving? - 5 months ago


Gay men and women of reddit, do you still have occasional feelings for the opposite sex? - 4 years ago


[Seinfeld] George Costanza does the opposite - 2 years ago


When I poke my eye near my tear duct, what causes the black spot in the opposite corner of my sight? - 4 years ago


SpongeBob SquarePants 'Opposite Day' Season 01 Episode 9b Discussion Thread - 8 months ago


Garen and Darius, Complete Opposites - 3 years ago


Do "opposite" emotions (e.g., happiness/sadness) occur through regulating one set of neurons up and down, or through independent groups of neurons? - 9 months ago


Redditors, what is one thing you do not understand about the opposite gender? - 5 years ago


DAE find it difficult to imagine members of the opposite sex "crushing" on those of your own? - 5 years ago


What type of clothing attracts you to the opposite sex? - 2 years ago


If the lead character of a video game is the opposite gender from you does this affect your experience with the video game? - 1 year ago


[Spoilers] Kylo Ren wants to be Anakin 2.0...ironically, he's actually Anakin's exact opposite - 11 months ago


(Spoilers Main) Will Cersei Do The Opposite? - 2 months ago


CMV: The word "literally" can't, doesn't, and shouldn't mean its own opposite (figuratively). - 8 months ago


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Does anybody else have the opposite of thalassophobia and love this sub? - 1 year ago


What misconceptions about the opposite gender have you heard? (possible NSFW) - 4 years ago


Are there people who exist on the opposite end of the spectrum from sociopathy- i.e. an "anti-sociopath" or a hyper-empathic individual? - 3 years ago


Instead of going from ugly to attractive, has anyone had an opposite experience, of going from attractive to ugly? - 4 years ago


What if the Moon orbited Earth in the opposite direction? - 1 year ago


"A man goes to prison" joke with two opposite punchlines. - 1 year ago


This will be fun (opposite world player vs real world player) - 1 year ago


[Contest] Opposite day. - 2 years ago


What's something you didn't realize for years members of the opposite sex do? - 2 years ago


IAMA 18 year old girl whose internal organs are on the opposite side of my body, AMA. - 4 years ago


Two of Vader's most iconic attributes are exact opposites of each other, and it's pretty darn cool. - 1 year ago


Ask-the-opposite-sex-whatever-you-want thread! - 3 years ago


What opinion about bodybuilding do you have that would be unpopular here or is completely opposite to /r/bodybuilding's general advice? - 1 year ago


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